Sibert Honor winner, Suzanne Slade, is the author of over 150 children's books,

an adoptive mother, and a mechanical engineer who worked on rockets.

She likes to write about women in STEM, her Chicago hometown heroes

(DYK the Globetrotters began in Chicago?), space exploration and more.

Children around the world enjoy reading her book (plus Hamilton actresses,

the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Grammy winning singers, and an astronaut!)

Educators & Librarians: You are tireless, fearless, compassionate, creative,  

and more. In a word -- Superstars!  As a small thank you, here are a few 

author videos you might enjoy sharing with your students.

What's New?
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*Released August, 2021

*Kirkus Starred Review

*Book Trailer

*Book Printing Video

"Cozy, thought-provoking, and hypnotizing ..." 

— Kirkus *Starred* Review

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*2022 Illinois Reads Selection

*California Reading Assoc. Eureka! Honor Award

*Book Trailer

*Washington Post article 

*WZZM "13 Reads" TV Interview


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